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Zumba Kids Party

Zumba Kids party program is lots of fun! A great alternative to other childrens party ideas. Zumba mixed with party games and entertaining activities, that's why you're kids are gonna love the Zumba Kids party. It's a fast-forward fusion of the Zumba program's moves (salsa, pop, cumbia, reggaeton, hip-hop and more) and workouts designed to let kids max out on fun and fitness all at the same time.

In this party the kids will:
  • Learn the choreography for a number of dances
  • Play some Zumba Kids party games as well as traditional party games
  • Have a special Zumba Kids Birthday ‘Dance Off’
  • Perform the dances to the parents at the end

  • What is Zumba Kids?
    Designed for kids aged 3-16, Zumba Kids is an exciting Zumba programme. Kids love to crank up the music, shake, wiggle and giggle with their friends. Zumba Kids is set to various dance styles such as hip hop, salsa, reggaeton and more. The music is amazing and the dance moves are choreographed so that kids can easily ‘learn the whole dance’ within a short space of time.
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